Campaign: ResMed Sleep Apnea Machines

A while back I shot a campaign for ResMed- a company that produces top-of-the-line sleep apnea therapy machines. Sleep apnea is a medical condition where, for a number of reasons, people may stop breathing during sleep. This can happen from a few times a night to dozens of times an hour and can become a major medical issue. It lowers the amount of oxygen in the bloodstream, it puts stress on the heart, it causes a lot of problems. The ResMed devices, also known as CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machines are basically silent air compressors that push warm, humidified air into the patient's nose or mouth while they're sleeping so that they're still getting air when their body would normally stop breathing.

We had a massive shoot schedule for this job so that the client would have a library of images for their multiple needs- I've only posted a handful of the tearsheets because there were so many different images and uses. We shot product photos and lifestyle images to cover a broad range of use from brochures and in-store displays to web and advertising and we had to shoot multiple scenarios covering the broad demographic range of their customers.

Client: ResMed Agency: Tonic the Agency, Sydney Producers: Z-Space