Australian Desert Landscapes

I know that I haven't been updating my blog very much lately but it's because I've actually been pretty busy and unfortunately many of the jobs that I've been working on have confidentiality agreements that don't allow me to talk about the jobs until several months after I've shot them. But I've got loads of new images to show you and I hope you like them. In August I had the opportunity to go to one of the salt flats/lakes in South Australia for a photoshoot. It was my first time in the true Australian Outback desert and I was thrilled that someone was sending me out there because there are a lot of places in Australia that are so remote that I have no idea of when I'd ever get the chance to go see them unless someone sent me there. I got to really see a glimpse of the Australian interior with loads of kangaroos, emus and the red dust that makes the light so incredible at dawn and dusk.

I had rented the Nikon D800 for the job and I was going to be staying out in a sheep station that was hours from anywhere with lights and there was a new moon so I knew I would have the perfect opportunity to capture some amazing landscape and night shots. At the particular salt flat where we were shooting there was only about 4cm of water sitting on top of a hard white salt surface so it created a mirror effect that made anything standing on it look like it was resting on glass. It was an incredible experience being there and taking pictures there and my only wish is that I had more time off set to take more personal shots like the ones you see below.