Portrait for Good Weekend: Writer Drusilla Modjeska

This was one of those shoots where the subject, Australian writer Drusilla Modjeska, wasn't really too keen on being in a photoshoot. She gave me all sorts of warnings about how she's not a good subject, the camera doesn't like her etc. and I just said, "Don't worry. Let's just hang out and chat for an hour and I'll take some pics over the course of the conversation. That's it." She had a gigantic library, covering most of the walls of the house from floor to ceiling as well as a large collection of Papuan tribal art from her visits to Papua New Guinea in the 50's and 60's. It was a breeze talking to her and she's one of those people that I wish I could meet every week for a brief chat just to keep my brain stimulated. We talked about families, authors, history and tribal art. When I was sure I got the shot I told her I was done and she seemed surprised that what we had just done was a photoshoot. It doesn't have to be an intimidating thing with lights and stylists and the whole circus. Sometimes a shoot can be two people having a nice chat.

Portrait of  Australia writer Drusilla Modjeska